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 RYA First Aid Course

Course Aim The RYA first aid course is designed to give those afloat, a working knowledge of first aid procedures for injuries and illness. Ideal for use inland waterways or up to 60 miles offshore. You may be the vital link between the casualty and professional help. Seafarers can be presented with difficult scenarios requiring first aid treatment at sea, and the course is tailored to meet the participant’s needs where possible. Practical sessions are an essential part of the day.
Course Content
  •  CPR, choking and the recovery position.
  • Head injury and unconsciousness.
  • Bleeding and burns.
  • Injury and illness.
  • Hypothermia and heat injuries.
  • First aid kits.
  • Rescue.
Previous experience No previous experience required.
Minimum required age 8 years.
Course materials First Aid Manual by DK ISBN 1-4053-1573-3 as authorized by St John Ambulance, St Andrews Ambulance Association and British Red Cross. This should be purchased prior to the course and is available from Cruise Control Ltd.
Certification On successful completion of the course. Valid for 3 years.
Additional information Light refreshments tea and coffee is provided. Lunch is available locally, or bring your own if you like. Please contact us if you have any questions about equipment or the course.


Please complete each form to book this course. Course Booking Form  &  Medical Declaration.

Own Boat Tuition

We recommend this if you intend to purchase or already have your own vessel. Before instruction can begin, the instructor must insure that the boat is in sound condition and is adequately equipped both for safety and effective instruction. Many of our existing clients have found that having a course structured around their particular vessel and equipment will give them more confidence in their cruising ability.

                Remember, this is your pleasure leisure time so ‘enjoy the journey’